Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #159

Start your Monday off right:

  1. As the holiday season approaches, the chances of board games being pulled out once the table has been cleared increases. Mathematicians figured out the optimal way to play Monopoly to crush your family at the classic game.  
  2. Jeremy May creates dense layers of colors from old books and carves unique jewelry out of the new material. 
  3. The gorgeous short film, Matereality, was created with nothing but iron powder, high reflective pigments and magnets paired with amazing sound track. 
  4. The illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson, flips through his crowded sketchbook which appears like a fun blend of Where's Waldo and Dr. Seuss. 
  5. Luca Tombolini captures the moment the sunset turn rosy red striking ancient rock formation with a large format camera. 
  6. The creative firm, Dorothy, created a cutaway print of the famous Arriflex 35 IIC movie camera filled movie scenes. A perfect Christmas gift for a big movie fan. 
  7. "If you can’t adapt, changes become threats instead of opportunities."
    Shane Parrish
  8. Photographer, Phil Toledano, speaks to how the work he has created is a direct result of the passing of his parents. He mentions the odd feeling of wanting his parents to see what he created but those creations only happened as a result of their passing.  

  9. The Peking to Paris rally is a race between those cities but you can only use a car build before 1976. This video is the story on one of teams attempting the race. 

  10. Jeffery Saddoris is one of my favorite podcast interviewers out there. He just uploaded his entire catalog of past interviews unto his website.