Monday Morning Dispatch - Vol #153

Start your Monday off right:

  1. More than ice cream, cakes or pies, fruit crumbles are my favorite deserts. The combination of sweet fruit and the crunchy top is perfection. Here is a recipe that will deliver that crumble goodness.  
  2. The American West has always attracted photographers over the years. Drew Doggett joins the crowd and the results should prompt more photographers to make a similar journey. 
  3. Paper artist, Raya Sader Bujana, creates 1.5 inch paper "cacti" and other flowers in miniature glass terrariums. I love to watch a video of these being assembled. 
  4. The current popularity of skateboarding can be traced to the prevalence of skateboarding videos and magazines. Devoted is a documentary taking a look at the world of skateboarding media. 
  5. Kunstglaser is the German name for a stained glass craftsman and Norbert Sattler is one the modern masters trying to elevate the art form beyond the windows of churches.
  6.  â€œWe must do our work for its own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause.”
    – Steven Pressfield
  7. Randal Levenson traveled across the country in the 70s photographing the unique individuals who make up the carnivals. 

  8. In the world of tiny cameras, Darren Samuelson uses a handmade 14x36 inch camera to create giant panoramic images. 

  9. Giles Duley was told that his photographic career was over after an IED took both of his legs and one arm but his pushed through to create the "I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See" exhibition.  His interview on the A Small Voice podcast was inspiring. He also has released a pair of great videos for Ilford.