Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #155

Start your Monday off right:

  1. My wife and I regularly pick up Pho from a local Vietnamese restaurant for date night at home. This recipe might be a perfect chance to try to replicate it at home.   
  2. Two programmers built "dot piano", a web based piano. I spent a while messing around playing the piano horribly.    
  3. The photographer, Marcel Heijnen, has documented the cats who make Hong Kong markets home. Many of the cats appear to camouflaged to the markets they are hiding in. 
  4.  Chemistry is traditionally thought of in boring formulas and not these gorgeous chemical reactions exploding into life.  WenTing Zhu films chemical reactions at the microscopic level giving you a glimpse at world you never see. 
  5. An architect built a quiet backyard oasis in his tiny Brooklyn backyard from scrap supplies. I would love to build a small office similar to this.  
  6. “Read more than you write, live more than you read.” — Junot Díaz
  7. Dan Spitz is the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band, Anthrax, and he is also a master watch maker. I can not imagine having to take apart a tiny watch with over 4K parts and no instructions.  

  8. Olivia Kemp creates large scale draws combing real places she has seen in a world of her own making. I cant imagine creating such a large drawing and potentially messing it up at the last bit.

  9. Dieter Schneider not only is a photographer but also builds wooden cameras designed for wet plate photography. He uploaded a video documenting the entire process of building one of his cameras from scratch. 

  10. CJ Chilvers hits the nail on the head when he points out how people love bashing the amateur when the difference boils down to independence versus dependence.