Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #152

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Patagonia continues to be one of my favorite companies for doing things like opening an online thrift store to sell used Patagonia items. I wish more companies would follow their lead. 
  2. I love discovering a photographer who I never heard of but had a tremendous impact on the art form. Pete Turner helped raised the stature of color photography from your family snap shots to art. 
  3. Cian Oba-Smith is a young portrait photographer from London. Negative Feedback create this great profile of him and how he creates his images.  
  4. The Traveling Light film conference released a series of interviews with their speakers. I recommend starting with the interview with Jonathan Canlas. 
  5. Mark Powell combines a ball point pen and vintage maps and stationary to create this gorgeous portraits. The superb drawing ability is enhanced by the interplay between the art and the images on the paper. 
  6. "If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's."
    ~ C.G. Jung
  7. Peter Funch has stood on the same street corner in NYC for 9 years between 8:30 - 9:30 am photographing the daily commuters passing by. He released a book, 42ND AND VANDERBILT, of diptychs of those commuters captured over the years. 

  8. Heather Day's abstract paintings are beautiful and seeing the short video on how she creates them only amplifies the fascination. She sat down with the Jealous Curator to talk about her work. 

  9. Brandon Thibodeaux rode his bike through the towns of northern Mississippi Delta documenting life of African Americans at the start of Obama's presidency. "When Morning Comes" is stunningly beautiful body of work and will be released as book very soon. 

  10. The author and professor, Adam Grant, sat down the Farnam Street podcast to talk about givers and takers, building resilience, and selecting which ideas to pursue.