A solo production studio

I sold my 5D mark III which I barely ever used to fund this solo production studio. The trade is rooted in the theory that the death of the "gatekeepers" left this void which artists must step into and fill themselves. I can't wait around for a documentary videographer to chose my story to tell. Or a publisher to chose to publish my zine/photobook. I know have the tools to tell the stories I want in the way I want. Video production and editing terrifies me but I know that I can figure it out if I am willing to push through the uncomfortable early learning stage. This is the process for all new skills and endeavors. I start on the idea of zine for probably 8 months. I even created a few mock versions. Those zines never were released because I let the free of doing something new stop me. My 365 pushed the fear out of the way. If my plan was to release a zine every 50 images, then I had to get the first issue out fairly quick after I hit the 50 image mark. The first issue of Tiny Plastic Box was a huge hit. Now I get to take the knowledge gain from the first edition and improve upon it for this next issue. By the end of the 365, I will have released 7 zines in a year effectively becoming a small zine publishing company. Now I plan on following this same model to learn podcasting and video. To say I am excited about the possibities would be a huge understatement.