The Arrival of One and the Delay of the Other

Today has been odd. I spent all day with the burning excitement of a package's expected arrival. The "heartburn" proved impossible to ignore as I attempted to never let a free moment go to waste. As the day progressed, I repeated checked the empty front porch after the imagined sound of box landing on the wood. The arrival of a different package temporarily soothed the angst. The arrival of two 100 ft rolls of Kodak movie film (50D + 250D) marks the exploration of a different color palate in my work. It joins the 50 4x5 sheets of Ektachrome which landed yesterday. I don't have a particular project other than to explore what is on offer. Even with the exciting arrival, the missing box still remains on the fore front of my mind. What is in the box? I am hoping to set up the brand new RX100 and see if I cant produce my first movie.