My next step - a 365 project

My 365 Day Project 

  • Post an image a day for an entire year. Due to exist obligations as dad and shooting film, the images will not be created the day of posting. However, it will be all new work created from this point forward. 
  • One print of each day's image will be available for sale. The price will correspond to it's day #. Day #1 = $1 all the way up to Day #365 = $365.
  • Starts September 25, 2016

This idea has bounced around my head for more than year. Yet, I have avoided it so far due to fear. I fear that I will not be able to keep up with the public announcement to post 365 straight days. Two years ago, I did a 100-day project so I understand the grind that the middle stretch will naturally feel like. Yet, finding the discipline to keep working even when the couch and netflix are beckoning is a powerful discovery. The former Navy Seal, Jocko Willink, perfectly summed it up when he said "discipline is freedom".  I fear the public shame of daily releasing new work and having it just sit on my website unsold. Simultaneously, I also fear that I create truly epic work in this series and "leave money on the table" by only selling a single edition. All my own subconscious issues with money are baked into this project. And this why I am doing this crazy project. Lean into your fears as Seth Godin is famous for saying. Worse case scenario is that I am in same financial situation as I currently find myself and I have created a massive collection of images within a year. I hope you will enjoy the journey.