I bought Jason Zook's Future and I liked it

"This is ridiculous" and my wife wasn't wrong. I had just sold my largest and most expensive piece of art last September. Instead of providing a much needed financial breathing room, I just proposed to use the money to buy Jason Zook's future. I have been following Jason's work for more than a year. His book, "Creativity for Sale" massively shifted how I looked at selling allowing me to inject creativity into that process as well as my art. So when Jason offered access to every product he has ever created and will create plus access to him and his private community of those who have also bought his future, I jumped at the opportunity after a lengthy conversation with my wife (got to keep her happy). I violated Jason's instructions of not to buy it if it is too much of a financial struggle because I believed so strongly in the deal's upside. The past year has proved that I was correct. The community alone is well worth the money. It is an instant network that can help with almost any problem imaginable. If the answer is directly in the group, someone probably knows another person who has the answer. I had a design issue with Squarespace and a programmer, Thai, DMed me in Slack with a solution in a few hours. The more exciting part is that the community will only get better as it grows. 

Jason Zook is selling access to his future again and opened up an affiliate program to those who bought it last year. I am offering a 1-year subscription to Darkroom Pass (an unique print delever every 2 weeks) on top of everything you get from purchasing Jason's future. This is definitely not for everyone but check it out if your interested. 

I talked with Jason for the first episode of my podcast if you want to hear more about Jason's journey and the backstory of "Buy My Future".