Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #98

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Stian Korntved Ruud spent 2014 carving a wooden spoon every single day for a total of 365 unique spoons. The early versions appear similar to your standard spoon and become more whimsical as the project continues. 
  2. A parking lot connected to LAX Airport serves as small village of mobile homes for people working in the airline industry. This short documentary talks with those living such a different life than what most of us know. 
  3. The precise lines contrast beautifully with the free flowing watercolors to create Jacob Van Loon's paintings. It feels like work is the combination of the artist's engineering side with a more traditional artistic side. 
  4. “I wasn’t an artist in a technical sense, but I longed to be creative. One of the things I’ve lived into is a spacious understanding of what it means to live a creative life and to be a creative person.”  Krista Tippett
  5. The desolation of a beach in the winter is only increased with the addition of snow. The only visitors are the birds still calling those beaches home. 
  6. Jessica Ivins delivers perfect advice how to become an UX designer. This advice applies to almost any creative field. 
  7. How would you describe each color to someone who is legally blind? Ashley shares how people described colors to her as a child. The good news is that she was able to gain full sight later in life.