Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #92

Start your Monday off right:

  1. In Scotland, a crew of road painters still hand paint all the road signs covering the streets. The skill required to effortlessly paint with molten thermoplastic is so impressive. 
  2. Not really sure why they need life guards manning the Olympic pools during events but 75 people have the best seats in the house. 
  3. Brady Whitney designed a puzzle book which requires you solve each page's puzzle in order to turn the page. The beautifully designed mechanical puzzles reveal a short story.
  4. Mike Biskup combines vibrant colors and abstract shapes to create his fun art work.  
  5. Google X is the division of Google response for delivering the moonshot ideas like self-driving car and contacts with sensors in it. Take a peek into one of the most innovative "company" operating right now.  
  6. “You will never get any more out of life than you expect.” Bruce Lee 
  7. Since he travels 70-80% of time, photographer, Dylan Gordon, takes advantage of everything that California has to offer. I love his warehouse/office/house. 
  8. A Checklist for Everything. A great list of things to do every day. This list is now hanging above my computer screen.