Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #94

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. I can only imagine how long someone spent to create a stop motion recreation of the first level of Super Mario Bros completely in OpenOffice (which looks like Excel). 
  2. The street artist, Ernest Zacharevic, uses elements on walls and buildings to create this play full murals.
  3. The actor, Jason Lee, traveled the country with an old 8x10 camera and 4x5 instant film capturing the America experienced along the road. 
  4. Free of the demands and deadlines of his commercial photography career, Lars Schneider explores remote corners of the world with a camera tapping into those similar experience he had with his dad that started his whole career.  
  5. “My life was given to me by some strange coincidence, statistically I'd better figure out what to do with it”
    –Werner Herzog
  6. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most honest voices preaching the virtues of patience and hard work to get ahead. He built 2 multi-million dollar businesses and probably still more famous for being on Youtube. 
  7. Envy comes in two flavors, inferiority and malicious envy. The first type prompts self improvement as you attempt to close the gap between yourself and your inspiration. The other becomes a deadly poison that very quickly turns to hate. A great article on the common emotion.