Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #87

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Adam Savage tests out 4 different methods of searing steak to determine the best option. I fully support such a delicious experiment. 
  2. This gorgeous house in Singapore pairs the cold cement with the warmth of the teak and plenty of natural light. 
  3. An Italian man with no formal training in engineering has built a human powered amusement park now with over 40 rides including a roller coaster. I would love to spend a playing around the park with Miles. 
  4. A crazy story about the fate of a Greek shipping mogul's estate which includes an art collection valued at $3 billion. Its amazing that a highly successful business man created this mess purely because he lacked a proper will.  
  5. Philadelphia is known for the elaborate murals crisscrossing the city and even offering walking tours to see the more famous ones. David Guinn's addition to city's mural collection is the first light version created out of brightly colored neon lights. 
  6. "Being unafraid of being different comes from realizing and knowing that it is all you can really be."  John Maeda 
  7. RadioLab teamed up with Mac Premo to create this amazingly creative video exploring the function of music

  8. Scott Naismith aggressively uses vibrant colors in his impressionist landscape paintings that capture the awe inspiring elements of nature. 

  9. Asking proper questions is vital to actually generating useful answers. Warren Berger developed a 3 step process for asking better questions. 

  10. A great reminder to not "lose the magic". In creative work, its often the weird messy version of our work that captures people's attention and what they love about our work. Then we decide to get serious with our work and all the magic disappears.