Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #83

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The illustrator, Adrian Hogan, draws beautiful panoramic views of his surroundings on coffee cups.
  2. The street artists, Guido van Helten, had to the chance to create a mural on the one ship traveling back and forth to a small island off the northern Icelandic coast. The resulting portrait painted on a ship bobbing up and down in the dock is stunningly beautifully. 
  3. The synthesizer company, Moog, is teaming up with the sound artist, Suzuki, to create a world wide synthizer by collecting sounds unique to each country and region. I can't wait to see the final result and the resulting music. 
  4. I absolutely love the David Plunkert's style of block illustration.  The ingenius combination of bold colors and creative use of 2D/3D elements to tell stories. It's easy to see how these tanslate into polital cartoons and posters so well.
  5. "Never stop working. When things get tough, try to remember the first time you got excited about making stuff."   Alex Soth
  6. Would you ever spend hours painting a beautiful portrait and then partially dip the completed painting in brightly colored paint obscuring most of original painting? Oliver Jeffrers does exactly that and the results are fascinating. I love the images where the underlying portrait appears to be peering over this bright "wall" of color. 

  7. Patti Brennan's Hierarchy of Imagination (borrowing a model from Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs) help explains why it is so difficult to teach "creativity". The only thing you can do is mix the different levels in attempt to generate new ideas.  

  8. A great reminder that There are No Rules in Business so why not have more fun.