Taking the month of July off

I have been grinding away at my art for close to 3 years without a break and I am worn out. There is a constant pressure putting out new content or posting something on the various social media channels that has made it difficult to think. Right now the urge to check Twitter or Facebook is destroying my ability to concentrate on tasks and I need to break that habit. I need to hold space for my creativity. My current system of selling my art isn't generating enough income to justify the work I have to put into it. I still love the idea of an incremental price structure but the results don't support it right now. The idea of stepping away for a month terrifies me. Part of me is sure that what I have managed to build up to this point will immediately disappear as soon as I stop treading water. The same terror is also the reason I am going forward with this plan. 

The other reason for this break is that my digestive system decided to mutiny over the past month. Long story short (and sparing you the details), my gut became inflamed for various reasons to the point where it become very hard to keep anything down. I went through a battery of doctor visits and tests which most proved pointless. Through eating an autoimmune protocol (aka only eating meat, vegetables, and fruit), the systems are in remission and generally getting back to normal. However, I am still battling fatigue and often require a nap just to get through the day. The hope is the time off will help get me back to normal as its a struggle watching Miles, working at Trader Joe's, and this photography thing. 

So no twitter, facebook, or instagram. I haven't decided whether I keep up with the Monday Morning Dispatch through July. I will still release episodes of my podcast (and I will be better about releasing them on a proper schedule).Other than that, I dont really have plans. I am looking forward to just enjoying the summer with Miles and thinking about the next steps in my career.