Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #86

Start your Morning off right: 

  1. I currently do not own a video game system because I have a habit of spending way more time than I can afford playing games. Manifold Gardens might get me to final buy one again. The puzzle game was born out of thought while watching Inception and the world looks like it was pulled straight out of an MC Escher painting. 
  2. A pair of shoes hanging from a lamp pole or telephone wires is a common scene in any city. The street artist, Pejac, installed 4 pairs of shoes around London that dangle up defying gravity. 
  3. Margate is an old beach town that fell out of favor from Londoners in the 1980s. You can still see many of the attraction that original brought the people there. 
  4. Berlin gallerists, Juerg Judin, purchased a 1950 gas station that had been abandoned for years and converted it into a gorgeous oasis in the center of the city. I absolutely love this house. 
  5. A pair from the photo studio, Golden Foxes, traveled through the arid parts of South America capturing this gorgeous set of photos. The minimalist scene pair so well with the soft pastel colors.  
  6. "There's not just one leap that you take. You have to keep overcoming your fear and choosing to risk. And the risks get bigger."  David Dastmalchian 
  7. If you see me wearing a t-shirt, odds are extremely high that I am wearing an Ugmonk shirt. I love their minimalist aesthetic and they decided to pull the curtain back on their latest redesign.  

  8. "Don't ask for permission, come with intent". When we look for others for permission to do something, we arent bringing any of our own responsibility to the request. You become dependent on those providing permission. Saying "I will do...." places the ownership on yourself.