Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #79

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The next time you want to learn something new and all the voices in your head start claiming that you can't do it just remember Alexey Romanov who was born without any fingers. Two years ago he decided to learn how to play the piano and now is on national TV. Give yourself permission to be bad at first and put in the hard work. 
  2. Mike Parris left a potential career in robotic engineering to live in Jackson Hole, WY build custom skis designed specifically to each individual. 
  3. The surfer photographer, Luke Shadbolt, captured the magnificent power of the sea crashing 50-100 feet up in the air.
  4. The standard beat machine is this collection of circuits designed to produce the various necessary sounds. Koka Nikoladze designed a completely analogue beat machine using springs and coils. 
  5. "Be a little bit brave on a regular basis, experience the exhilaration of trying new and difficult things, and confidence will increase."             Pete Mosley
  6. The temptation right now is to think that by talking about an industry or a topic you can become the thought leader of the industry. However, the real way to establish yourself is to make things. Put real products out in the world and then talk about the challenges. 

  7. Failure has power. David DuChemin rightly points that it can rob your fears of power and make the future less frightening. This great read remembers me of the question, "What awesome adventure is on the other side of your fear?". 

  8. My love for Seth Godin should not be a surprise to anyone at this point. His writings and interviews constantly challenge me to think in very different ways than the standard model. Godin sat down with Chase Jarvis for an hour long interview that covered everything from the broken education system to how to do remarkable work. 

  9. I had the privilege of talking to my fabulous friend, Jeffrey Saddoris, for his great podcast, Process Driven, about my process. If you have heard enough of me talking, I highly recommend all the other episodes.