Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #74

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. In the restaurant business, the world outside of the major cities is simply ignored. So I was rather surprised to see Kindred make GQ's Top 10 Best New Restaurant list. Joe and Katy Kindred left San Francisco after working in tops restaurants and moved back to 11K person town of Davidson to open their own restaurant. 
  2. Unfortunately, these giant wooden lego guys are sold out (and expensive) because my 12 year version would love to play with such a large lego. 
  3. The rise and fall of Crazy Eddie's insanely successful criminal enterprise
  4. The artist, Edoardo Tresoldi, rebuilt an early Christian church in Italy entirely out of wire mesh. The resulting structure feels like a hologram. 
  5. The photographer, Janet Delaney, captured the feel of NYC in 1980s during her visits back and forth from photographing around the world. 
  6. Ice fishing huts come in as many varieties as the people who inhabit them during those crazy cold months of the year. Photographer, Richard Johnson, traveled throughout Canada documented the cousin of the igloo. 
  7. The term genius is thrown around with regularity but the architect Zaha Hadid definitely is worthy of the title. She, unfortunately, passed away this week. 
  8. If you put anything distinct out in the world, you will get feedback whether you like it or not. This article can help "unhooking" from the criticism and learning to see the information