Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #70

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Researchers at HRL Labs may have discovered a way to download skills using transcranial direct current stimulation to send brain activity from an expert to a novice. Their study use novice pilots who demonstrated improvements on airplane simulators after the procedure. The implications of such technology is insane. 
  2. The Swedish musician, Martin Molin, built an elaborate hand cranked music "box" using 2k steel marbles over 3k internal parts which were all handcrafted. The impressiveness of the  Wintergatan Marble Machine is only magnified once you see what all went into making the machine
  3. Its hard to describe how the world looks staring down into a waist level view finder on an old film camera. Adam Stokowski filmed an entire skate video through the lens of those cameras. Super creative take on the common skate video. 
  4. "If we are to live our lives fully and well, we must learn to embrace the opposites, to live in a creative tension between our limits and our potentials." - Parker Palmer
  5. Our time has a tendency to filled by so many things we "have to do". Leo Babauta advise to opt out. To deliberate consider every area that is "demanding" our time and purposely setting away from anything that doesnt add value to our lives. 

  6. The photographer, Dan Wood, turned his camera on his hometown, Bridgend, in South Wales to document a place known for one of the highest suicide rates in the area. A gorgeous and poignant series from a great photographer. 

  7. The artist, Mark Powell, uses nothing more than a ball point pen to create these beautiful illustrations on old maps, envelopes, and postcards. 

  8. Interesting things happen when you do interesting things. A great list on how to be more interesting. 

  9. If you are doing anything interesting or challenging, you will get rejected. The danger is studying each rejection letter and reading between the lines. So unless you willing to spend a lot of time to understand the person rejecting you, its worthless. Its not worth the risk to tell you exactly why you were rejected. Thank you, Seth Godin, for this reminder.