Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #72

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. U.K. photographer, Garrod Kirkwood, traveled to California and captured the bright sun and colors that dominates the state. The taste of warmer weather I've experienced the past week here in Philadelphia makes me long for the warmth on display. 
  2. In a small dark cafe in Malaga, Spain, I sipped on my first cup of Moroccan Mint tea. The combination of refreshing mint and elaborate showmanship in "pulling" the tea proved extremely memorable. This Life & Thyme story on the tea brought me right back to that spot.  
  3. A not so tiny factory on the tiny island of Malta produces over 100 million Playmobil figures a year. My 8 year old self would never have left after that tour. 
  4. Laura Pannack boards a train heading in a destination that she has never been before and she walks around photography those she finds. The resulting portraits are filled with the diverse character encounter on her "Walks". 
  5. "Gorgeous, amazing things come into our lives when we are paying attention: mangoes, grandnieces, Bach, ponds. This happens more often when we have as little expectation as possible. If you say, “Well, that’s pretty much what I thought I’d see,” you are in trouble. At that point you have to ask yourself why you are even here. Astonishing material and revelation appear in our lives all the time. Let it be. Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business."   Anne Lamott 
  6. Frank Machalowski's double exposures blew my mind. I have no idea how many images are layered within each frame or how he does it. However, the end result is stunning. 

  7. Fear is not really brought up too often while discussing productivity but Leo Babuata does exactly that. We all know intrinsically that we can only focus on one task at a time. So why do constantly jump around from shinny new task to social media and back again. Maybe the fear of uncertainty propels to the "safety" of facebook.  

  8. The value of compounding was drilled in us during finance class. But the concept also applies to our skills and talents. An improvement of 5% a year results in a 4x improvement over an adult's lifetime. So the goal becomes how to do you make slight but meaningful improvements constantly. How can you become 5% better this year?