Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #71

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. I absolutely love seeing notebooks from prolific artists and designers as it a very honest window into their thought process. The differences in personality is on full display in these 16 famous designer's notebooks.
  2. Graffiti may not be your cup of tea but  I love how this video was shot. A drone follows graffiti artist, Sofles, around a neighborhood of Melbourne as he adds his own touches to the many pieces of street art. 
  3. A pinhole camera is the simplest form of camera. All you need is a light proof box and a tiny hole. Two artists are building cameras out of the landscape that they are also photographing.  The video shows them building a camera on the beach out of drift wood and sand. 
  4. Jimmy on the Run is a street and fashion photographer who moved from rural China to Amsterdam. He talks about his journey and the struggle of dealing with his father's expectations versus his need to create. 
  5. In what may seem like an odd selection, here is the story of Pulaski Academy football team who decided to challenge all the deeply held conventional thinking about how to play football. A fun reminder that "we have always done it this way" is a dangerous idea.  
  6. Making anything well involves a commitment to the work. And that requires courage: you have to trust yourself. It helps to remember that the goal is not to write a masterpiece or a best-seller. The goal is to be able to look at your story and say, Yes. That’s as good as I can make it.   Ursula K. Le Guin
  7. "Ultimately, what we regret is not failure, but the failure to act." - Adam Grant. I am reading his fascinating new book, Originals, on how to create new groundbreaking ideas. I highly recommend the book and his interview with James Altucher .
  8. Jazz legends, Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock, penned a beautiful open letter to the next generation of artists . On the subject of jazz, David W. Niven recorded 650 cassette tapes of the jazz legends from  1921-1991 and uploaded all the tapes.