Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #66

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The skier, Nicolas Vuignier, designed a way to swing his Iphone around him as he skies down a mountain. The video is absolutely insane as you get a perspective that you never seen before. 
  2. A collection of 100 famous artists and their studios.  I love seeing different styles and personalities portrayed in their spaces. 
  3. Amanda Palmer continues to rage against the traditional structures and powers in art and music. She famously raised 1 million on kickstarter to fund an album and now has one of the largest Patreon programs. Maria Popova (of Brain PIckings) talked with her about art commerce, patronage, and her tribute to Bowie. 
  4. There’s no question that the fear of failure is bigger than failure. Living with the fear of failure is horrible but there’s a choice. Failure is not a choice, the fear of failure is. It’s a form of hiding to say that the only way to make a change is to quit your job, leap out the window and start something. I don’t think people should do that. I think people should start by finding some small project they can get paid twenty dollars for. Start a side project, organise a local volunteer orchestra or launch something on Kickstarter. Those things don’t require you to quit your job. They require you to quit your fear of failure. So let’s do one thing at a time.  Seth Godin 
  5. Two photographers completed this project, Jet Lag, where they would post an image every 30 minutes for 12 hrs from their two locations (New Mexico and Iceland). Gorgeous collection of images as well as being a fun idea for a project. 

  6. Adobe provided Kelli Johnson with a challenge to produce a piece on the word, heat, using only a cardboard box and its contents in a week. The result is fairly impressive. 

  7. “. . . may you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire that disturbs you when you have settled for something safe.”
    – John O’Donahue
  8. One of my biggest struggles is being comfortable where I am at in the process. My tendency is to work as hard as possible to reach the next level as fast as possible. Jamie Varon nails it when she said, "Timing is the one thing that we often forget to surrender to."