Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #69

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Over 100 painters combined forces to create the first painted movie similar to stop action motion. Loving Vincent is based off the life of Van Gogh and the trailer looks absolutely gorgeous. 
  2. The photographer, Richard Tuschman, combines photographs of his elaborate miniature models of life in Poland in the 1930s and then adds a model into the scene during post processing. The end result reminds you of an Edward Hopper painting. Here is the collection and an interview on his process
  3. Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. Parker Palmer 
  4. Artists sign their work. For the graphic designer, James Victore, the signature is a a statement of responsibility. That the artist cared enough and is proud enough of the work that they are will to have their name on it. 
  5. "Ugly fruits and vegetables" are those which dont meet the cosmetic standard necessary of  grocery stores but are just as edible. Currently, its estimated that about 1/3 of all food is wasted due to not meeting these requirements. I get to see this play out in real time working at Trader Joes. Thankfully, we are able to donate the food to a local food kitchen. 
  6. Defining ourselves by the tools we use limits are creative output. I personally wrestle with this issue in my own work. Its so easy to define myself as a pinhole photographer as its not a commonly used tool in the trade. Yet, this definition limits my use of any other type of camera (not to mention any other form of video or audio). Colin Wright puts forth the idea to be more "vehicle agnosticism". So that we have the freedom to select the right tool or means to present an idea.