Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #68

Start your Monday morning off right:

  1. On the edge of a private farmland, 40 giant statues of presidents sit in a field left over from an open-air museum that shut down due to a lack of attendance and funding. 
  2. The winners of the World Press photo contest for 2016. A great collection of photos including insane images from the most war torn parts of the world. 
  3. The photographer, Steffen Bottcher, used a homemade lens to create images of NYC that felt like city he visited 25 years ago. 
  4. Last week, the band, Ok Go, released a music video filmed in zero gravity on a parabolic flight that exploded all over the internet. They released the making of that video and the challenges of creating a 3 minute long video with intervals of weightlessness that only last for 27 seconds. 
  5. The Hustle Mode On is a curated collection of productivity tools ranging from improve your health, sleep, and email. 
  6. The line dividing success and failure of a project is often set by our own expectations. Paul Jarvis's answer is to set low expectations so that any result beyond that line is just gravy. 
  7. Jason Santa Maria correctly points the path to generate a good idea requires generating a lot of boring and/or bad ideas. So dont let the full waste basket discourage you from keep working on a solution. The bad ideas might just be the middle point before you arrive at the idea you are looking for.