Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #67

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. If you ever wondered how to win at Monopoly, here is the perfect way to do it. This strategy also has the side benefit of discouraging your friends from ever playing Monopoly with you again. 
  2. Andy Rubin helped create the Android platform and now he has turned his attention to the world of AI. 
  3. The artist, Shinrashinge, turns paper cups into interactive 3-D comics. 
  4. 8 questions to measure your life 
  5. “If you have boundaries, it stimulates creativity. If you have everything all the time, it’s easy to continue producing the same thing” Magnus Nilsson 
  6. Idea Debt. The concept is that Idea Debt accrues when you spend more time dream of an idea rather than actually taking steps toward accomplishing this dream. Most creatives carry a certain amount of Idea Debt at all times. However, the Idea Debt can accumulate to the point where it restricts the flow of new ideas. Executing on ideas purges the Idea Bank generating idea interest helping create new ideas faster. 
  7. Derek Siver's advice is to not share your ideas with anyone. Sharing a potential idea and receiving positive feedback creates a similar emotional response in our brain as actually doing the work. This positive feedback loop makes it more difficult to face the reality of executing on the idea. Our brains are constantly search for dopamine hits (which is why checking social media is so addicting) and sharing our ideas is another way to get it.