Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #109

Start your Monday off right:

  1. For every major building project in a city, multiple building plans are submitted by various architects. The book, Never Built New York, contains the draws of over 200 different ideas proposed for the city which were never adopted.
  2. The process of harvesting salt involves pumping the briny water into large fields where the evaporation process can release the precious salt. The bacteria and algae found in the water turn the boring process into beautiful swatches of color. David Burdeny captures these abstract scenes from the air.  
  3. Watching the "Vietnam Notebook" from Casey Neistat only strengthened my desire to travel with my son, Miles, as he grows up. 
  4. Speaking of travel, James Clear posted a great guide to ultralight travel learned from visiting over 25 countries. He links all the gear plus his favorite apps. Also works as a great gift guide for your traveler friend or relative. 
  5. “A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.” ―Anthony Trollope
  6. Matt Black's new series, The Fall of Flint, explores the lives of those effected by the auto industry's collapse and then the lead in the water supply. "You know what my biggest fear is? That people are going to forget about us"
  7. After a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, the photographer, William Christenberry, passed away this week. He is captured the cultural landscape of the South through it's crumbling buildings and fading signs. 
  8. 52 Things I learned in 2016 is the best kind of internet black hole. I spent an hour reading stores ranging from a company who sells mirror to stores that are designed to make you appear skinnier than you actual are to a Dutch bike manufacture company that reduced shipping damage by printing a picture of a flat screen tv on their boxes. 
  9. The notion of Democracy's supremacy as a system of government is a fairly widely held belief. You may be surprised then that Socrates was deeply suspicious of democracy.
  10. “I’ve pushed myself hard and poured myself into my work. I think I need to be better at taking a moment to stop and identify the progress I’ve made, otherwise I’ll beat myself up for not being at the next step.” Craig Winslow perfects sums up my current battle with myself.