Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #112

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Ugly noodles get their name from a mixture of sweet potato flour and dried cassava versus the typical mixture of rice and corn. The photographer, Agung Parameswara, explores the 30 person "factory" which makes these Indonesian regional classic.   
  2. One of the difficult aspects of photographing a crowded city is the constant presents of electrical wires cutting the frame in all imaginable directions. Kristopher Matheson turned this annoyance into beautiful geometric abstracts created with nothing but those previously annoying wires. 
  3. I am not sure how I would feel walking into a Peter Kogler designed room. The artist covers every surface of the room with vertigo-inducing lines easily causing you to loss any baring on normal.  
  4. Jack Davison is a young portrait photographer who plays with contrast in his black and white images beautifully. I am generally not that interested in celebrity portraits but this set is stunning. 
  5. The Bauhaus movement in Germany aimed to unify art, craft, and technology in a way previously not done and had a massive impact on art and architecture in the western world. The Kandinsky Library in Paris just released PDFs of 9 influential Bauhaus books that are extremely difficult to find in print now.  
  6. "If you don’t have room to fail, you don’t have room to grow." – Jonathan Mildenhall
  7. Photographer, Jeremy Cowart, is currently working on a portrait series of the survivors of the Gatlinburg fires. The images of people lying on a mattress in the burnt down remains of their houses are particularly moving.  

  8. Mental toughness often translates to the difference between success and failure as our best work is often done beyond our comfort zone. Tim Ferris culls his great podcast guests for answers on how to develop mental toughness.  

  9. I have mentioned the Jock Willink quote, "Discipline is freedom" before in these emails as it may be the quote I am most trying to implement in my own life. Here is an intense speech from the former Navy Seal himself on discipline to drive the point home.   

  10. AJ Leon quit his lucrative Wall Street job 4 days before his wedding immediately after being promoted to partner. He eloquently drives home the point that we always have a choice.