Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #111

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Short headline grab "buzzfead" articles seem to dominating the news these days. Ideas and stories are being compressed into smaller simpler boxes. Longreads is a direct opposite of this trend proudly featuring long articles for your consumption. The Longreads Best of 2016 should keep you satisfied for a while. 
  2. Unfortunately these concrete earnings are made internationally and I didnt want to pay rush international shipping to get them by Christmas, otherwise my wife would be receiving a pair of these.  
  3. National Geographic always showcases the top in landscape and nature photography. So its not surprising that their 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year has produced stunning images this year. 
  4. The photographer, Robert-Paul Jansen, traveled around Denmark capturing the diverse  beauty found in the small Nordic country. 
  5. Our ability to decide between multiple option is a limited resource which we often spend without consideration of the cost. This is why many leaders have uniforms or structure routines that prevent wasting willpower on non important things. As Jocko Willink is fond of saying, "Discipline is freedom". 
  6. How To Be an Unprofessional Artist. The desire for traditionally defined success (aka money) leads artists to chase galleries, agents, and grants in an attempt to "professionlize" their art. And in doing so, lose the thing that makes them special.  
  7. "Everyone can be an artist, not because they have a degree or they sell, but because they live life artfully, with skill and imagination, freedom and awareness."     Andrew Berardini
  8. I am obsessed with artist's sketchbooks. It feels like you are being invited to look behind the curtain and see an artist playing and experimenting with ideas. I spent a solid hour scrolling through Pat Perry's sketchbook that he kindly shared on his website. Beautiful inspiring work. 

  9. Shutterstock kindly put together 10 ideas to help your creative process in 2017. The list may seem very basic but using things like "embrace deadlines" can be powerful when used effectively. 

  10. Seth Godin nails it again. The only way forward is going from a place of safe/perfect to imperfect. Forward progress only comes with the possibility of failure.