Allow yourself to make terrible work

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.
— Marcus Aurelius

The shooter's block and it's cousin, writer's block,  originate from my expectations surrounding the work I'm creating. I expect my images to be better. I expect my words to feel more inspired. I have established a level (real or imagined) that my work must hit or the demons of self doubt begins to creep in. The self doubt continues to build on each successive perceived failure. And if unchecked, the self doubt cripples me. No one is immune from these relentless demons. So what can I do?

Allow myself to make terrible work.

Creative ideas/projects never materialize out of thin air. They are discovered shifting through the creative "trash heap". As the heap grows, the chance of finding an idea within my images that sparks my curiosity also grows. Starting in January of 2015, I posted an image every day for 100 days taken with my 4x5 pinhole camera. I cringe looking back at that body of work. But the images below served as the foundation for the next year and half of work.  

Frustrated with your current work? Lay out your recent projects and find the thing that sparks your curiosity and chase that. It could be a subject, a style, or a single look. Try to recreate that thing. Give yourself a target and attack it.