Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #107

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The mountains have always beckon to those brave enough to explore. Cody Priebe's beautiful series reminds me of the classic quote on why someone would climb Mount Everest, "Because it was there." 
  2. The photographer, Johannese Huwe, boarded a boat from the world's southern most city and headed into the magical world of Antarctic. The result images could very well be from another planet than from our own. 
  3. For a couple months out of the year, the lake's freeze hard enough in the upper Midwest to support makeshift ice fishing huts. Mike Rebholz, an architectural photographer, traded the pristine design buildings for the rustic DIY of the huts.  
  4. The PBS series, Art of Recording, examines the vital role producers have played in the creation of your favorite albums. 
  5. "It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela 
  6. Vincent Bal uses household items to create shadow patterns which perfectly frame his drawings. For example, the shadow from a rubber ducky becomes the body of robber making off with a giant bag of loot. 
  7. The seemly chaotic illustration style of Jean de Wet forces you to closely examine all the elements within the piece. It feels like you are unraveling a present discovering something new with each layer of "wrapping paper". 
  8. Depressed about the job you are walking into this morning, Earnest Journal catalogs a few thankfully obsolete jobs that make your current situation feel like a vacation. 
  9. The magic wand store is closed. Seth Godin continues to sum things up so perfectly. Instead of looking for that shortcut or wish granting genie, "What do you care enough about that you're prepared to expose yourself to fear, risk and hard work to get?".