Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #103

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Photographer, Darren Kelland, has developed a gorgeous minimalist black and white style using an old film camera after taking a workshop with Colin Homes.  
  2. My trips down to Myrtle Beach usually comes with a visit to one of the area's many mini golf courses. I never considered that there are professional mini golfers. I probably shouldn't been surprised that people would take it that serious. 
  3. Dodecal is a wooden polyhedra calendar that I can very easily see sitting on my desk. 
  4. Chie Hitotsuyama uses tiny rolls of newspaper to create highly expressive sculptures of animals. The time and patience necessary to create a single piece must be incredible. 
  5. “Everything is instant gratification and the problem is too many people have applied that instant gratification to their careers and to their lives.”
    — Simon Sinek
  6. The quote is from Simon Sinek's Creative Morning talk entitled, "Understanding the Game We're Playing". Our decision making process is transformed by changing the time line that you measure success. 

  7. I haven't completed this exercise but I can see the value in interviewing yourself. The list of 18 questions here will help you get to the heart of your motivation and what you may want out of life. 

  8. Seth Godin hits it out of the park again in his interview with Marie Forleo about the "Truth of Your Calling". I already have plans to rewatch the interview with a notebook handy.