Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #100

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. My love of street murals should come as no surprise after 100 Monday Morning Dispatches. 20 artists descended on Ft. Smith, Arkansas and the results are both diverse and gorgeous. My favorite is the "full size" portraits on the grain mill.
  2. Brixo blocks act as conductors so you can add electrical components to any lego construction. Now kids no longer have to pretend that the lego sports car can race across the kitchen. 
  3. Keving Wisbeth digital combines giant man-made structures into familiar scenes to give perspective to how large they are. It includes a giant oil tanker in Central Park and a B-2 in a football stadium. 
  4. A small alley in Montparnasse, France became the central figure in French art in the first half of last century as nearly every major figure lived and worked in the abandoned sheds off the street. This is the story of that alley and a few of the artists passing through. 
  5. “This is true forever and always: no one really has it figured out. Everyone is on a different path and you figure it out through experience…It also might be easier to figure out what you want to do by first doing a lot things you don’t want to do.”  Will Bryant 
  6. Jim Bachor is a mosiac artist gained internet fame when the Chicago wouldnt fix the pothole in front of his house so he filled it with art. This is a fun interview with the artist.
  7. Ben Rubin draws this fun monsters "interacting" with riders on the subway in NYC. A playful look at the often mundane commute. 
  8. 101 small ways to improve your city. Improving your city can such a daunting task. Maybe none of this list resonates with you but sparks an idea that you can do.