Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #101

Start your Morning off right:

  1. Tom DesLongchamp uses a pen and crayola markers to create vibrant portraits of people. The colors appear to jump off the page. For a great interview with Tom, check out this episode of Process Driven
  2. The composer, Philip Glass, rightly states that the artist owns his creations and with this comes the power to try to earn a living from those creations. But that choice often requires you not to take the easy route.
  3. It may seem like a click-bait title but "4 Steps to Getting an Idea" is an excellent framework to generating new ideas.
  4. Pen and ink drawings fascinate me. The artist are able to take such humble tools and create those beautiful pieces. My appreciation only magnifies when you can create such art in miniature form as Taylor Mazer did here. 
  5. The small man
    Builds cages for everyone
    While the sage,
    Who has to duck his head
    When the moon is low,
    Keeps dropping keys all night long,
    For the
    Prisoners.                              Hafiz
  6. "Stop Adopting Other People's Anxiety" This seems like such easy advise but its something I definitely struggle with from time to time. Sharing the anxiety only ruins any chance to be helpful.