Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #65

Start your Monday off right:

  1. If you ever wondered why the promise of cheese gets us so excited, cheese triggers the same part of your brain as hard drugs.
  2. Turkish photographer,  Aydın Büyüktaş, created the mind bending series, Flatland, where the horizon line bends to the point where you are looking down at the scene. It reminds me of the famous scene from Inception. 
  3. A great conversation between Jonathan Fields and photographer, Chase Jarvis, about creativity and taking care of ourselves in order to create the work we want to see in the world. 
  4. Kiva Ford uses the skills from his day job blowing glass for scientific instruments to create this stunningly intricate glass pieces in his free time. 
  5. It all started for Jay Nelson when he built a camper top for a totaled honda civic that served as his home for a little while. Now he builds structures as art pieces creating a gallery in a place you wouldnt expect to find one. 
  6. “Nothing important comes with instructions.”
    – James Richardson
  7. One of my favorite newsletters is Mathias Jakobsen's Thinking Clearly. It's handwritten and often includes a funny drawing on top of being excellent ideas. The archive is a great way to catch up with all the previous emails. 

  8. I am terrible at asking for help. Its slowly improved as I travel down the entrepreneurial/artist road but the urge to try to do it all by myself is always powerful. Adam Kurtz offers so great advice that I need to follow to improve in this area. 

I am so excited to announce  my latest project!

My brother and I used to argue for the chance to retrieve the mail each day. We both wanted to open the mail box first and see what treasures might have arrived. The excitement of finding a hand address envelope with your name on it made all those trips to the mail box worth it.  

The Darkroom Pass is a bi-weekly shot of beauty and inspiration that arrives in your mailbox just when the work week starts dragging you down. 

Get the excitement and anticipation of opening a hand addressed envelope with exclusive art. You control whether to receive prints from my experimental pinhole or my classic landscape/nature work. Or if you like to be completely surprised, you can select the "Artist Choice" option.

The last time I was excited to see the mail beneath my mail slot on my front door was an art print exchange between a group of photographer friends. If you’re tired of only getting a worthless pile of junk mail, the Darkroom Pass is for you.

The Darkroom Pass only is $20/month for a bi-weekly rinse of your soul for a life more beautiful mailed directly to your door.