Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #61

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. I have no idea how to pronounce muhammara but its delicious. A spread made out of roasted peppers, walnuts, and garlic can never be a bad idea.  
  2. Life on the steppe in Western Mongolia hasn't changed much in the past 1K years. Brandon Li spent a couple weeks beautifully recording the different life these nomads still live. I am fairly confident that hunting with an eagle is as cool as it looks. 
  3. The photographer, Cody Priebe, took his panoramic film camera into the Canadian Rockies to capture the stunning views as winter gripes the area
  4. Ben Tolman draws super complex black and white illustrations of city life. I would love to stand in front a giant version of them just to study all the details buried in the image.
  5. I doubt anyone knows who Phil Tippett is but we all have seen and loved his work. He built scenes and animation for many of the iconic movies of the past 30 years including all 3 Star Wars and Jurassic Park. This is his previous untold story.  
  6. “Your life ends up being made up of the things you remember… And if you can make something that someone remembers, then you’re participating in their life. There’s something really meaningful about that – it feels like something worth trying to do.” Doug McGray 
  7. I am guilty of spreading myself too thin. I regularly rob one part of my life to feed another part. The past couple of months have become an exhausting form of juggling. As I tried to enjoy the holidays, Seth Godin drops the thought nugget that maybe the solution to being stretched too thin ("like butter scraped over too much bread") is just using "less bread". A simple idea that has profound repercussions.