Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #63

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The artist, Simon Beck, creates football size snowflake patterns in the snow. He explains how it is "easy" to learn the pattern but the hard part is stamping the snow for hours. 
  2. Would you hike 2 days to check your email? Mahabir Pun got tired of making the round trip so he set out to build a wireless network connecting an extremely remote region in Nepal to the world. 
  3. Alain de Botton points out that confidence begins with the capacity to forgive yourself for the failures of the previous unsuccessful attempts.  
  4. Katy Ann Gilmore uses a micron pen to create beautiful geometric mountains and patterns. 
  5. “Very few people have the humility to start as amateurs. They procrastinate doing the work they want in the name of perfectionism. You know these people. The one’s who have been saying for years that they’re going to do something but never do. Yet inwardly, they’re terrified of what other people will think of them. They’re caught in a state of paralysis by analysis — too busy calculating and never reaching a state of flow. Rather than doing work their own way, they do what they think will be well-received — being merely imitators of what is already popular.”   Benjamin Hardy 
  6. Kim Keever creates stunning abstract photographs by dropping paint into a huge fish tank. The paint billows like a massive summer thunderstorm cloud. 

  7. Frank Chimero took 12 seconds to create a caption that works for nearly every New Yorker cartoon and posted it on twitter. The Internet latched onto the idea and it appeared in the print version of the New Yorker 6 days later. This is the story of the ideas's journey. 

  8. An engineer built a miniature v8 air powered engine out of nothing but paper and scotch tape. The bottom video demonstrating the throttle control is highly impressive. 

  9. Nassem Taleb argues that the failed entrepreneur deserves as much praise as the successful one. "If you take risks and face your fate with dignity, there is nothing you can do that makes you small; if you don't take risks, there is nothing you can do that makes you grand, nothing."