Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #47

Start your Morning off right: 

  1. Pad Thai is a perfect gate way into the delicious world of thai food. Combine it with spaghetti squash and you have an amazing dinner. 
  2. Chaz Hutton explains all of life's fun details with post-it note charts and cartoons. This cartoon in particular accurately describe much of my teenage/college years 
  3. Would you like to read more books this year? Here are the tips and tricks to help you read 60 books a year.  
  4. The photographer, Richard Silver, stitched together 6-10 panoramic shots to create vertigo inducing images of NYC churches. As you scroll down the page, it feels like the world is flipping 180 degrees. 
  5. Carol Dweck explores how your view of your own intelligent/talent fuels your success. It turns out that if your belief greatly effects how you handle the challenges that naturally arise. 
  6. Brene Brown's work on shame and vulnerability has had a tremendous impact on every area of my life. Her book, Daring Greatly, is an absolute must read. She just finished a new book about dealing with heartbreak, failure, and loss. Her conversation with Chase Jarvis about the book had so many incites.