Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #46

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The cherry tomato avalanche has buried us the past couple of weeks. Thankfully, the bite size red and yellow orbs are so sweet that I can just eat them like candy. Tomato Confit is a perfect solution when you have reached your daily limit and need a simple way to cook up a lot of cherry tomatoes. 
  2. Watching master calligrapher, Seb Lester, write is memorizing.  One can only imagine the  hours of practice spent honing his craft above the common place chicken scratch to reach that level. 
  3. Two guys travel to Black Rock Desert in Nevada to build the first timelapse of the solar system to scale. With earth the size of a marble, it required 7 miles to create and they didnt even include Pluto. 
  4. Vexillogy - the study of flags. I never thought much of flags but after Roman Mars live version of 99% Invisible in front of Ted, I will never look at flags the same. 
  5. Sarah Lewis spoke at Poptech about the power of wonder. The ability to capture people's imagination is the dynamic force behind changing human history. 
  6.  "Success is a hollow word. It’s typically a designation that someone else gives you. An artist has some shows that are recognized by people and is therefore deemed successful. But internally what it takes to push forward is not simply an accolade but tenacity, which is far more connected to mastery than it is to achievement or success. Mastery is about striving to reach an internal goal that might take a lifetime. One of the reasons I went into the arts is because I find it a very noble and vital pursuit—to be here, on this planet, continuing to do something of meaning to your own life. Mastery requires an understanding of this constant, or what I call in the book “the ever-onward-almost of it.” A master doesn’t reach a certain point and then say, “Okay, I’m done. I’m going to move on to the next thing.” Masters are masters because they know their work is almost never done, and they know there’s always something more they can learn and understand. Masters are not only engaging with their contemporaries; they see the entire field of people who have come before them as contemporaries, too. They’re really trying to push forward in an epochal way."  Sarah Lewis 
  7. Geoff Colvin examines what separates the excellent performers from the average in Talent is Overrated.  The biggest difference is the ability to step outside of yourself and self evaluate themselves.