Monday Morning Dispatch - Vol #43

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Smoked Gouda Potatoes Pancakes . Smoking gooey cheese added to an already delicious crispy potato pancake and you have perfection on a plate. My only problem making these would be not eating before serving them. 
  2. Rebecca Litchfield's series "Soviet Ghosts" documents the abandoned buildings all over the former USSR. It's a clear reminder of how quickly "permanent" structures crumble under the unrelenting force of entropy. To continue the abandoned building theme, Stefano Cerio explores empty Chinese amusement parks. 
  3. MIT Media Lab just created a machine which can 3D print glass.  The possibilities for both artists and designers are endless. 
  4. The drumbeat of "follow your passion" has reached an almost deafening level on the internet. Ben Horowitz flips the usual advice on his head. "Find the thing that you’re great at, put that into the world, contribute to others, help the world be better and that is the thing to follow."
  5. “Outlasting the critics feels like it will take a very long time, but you’re more patient than they are.”
    Seth Godin
  6. Dustin Yellin creates these stunningly complex and beautiful sculptures by layering painted (or objects embedded in) glass. When finished, each sculpture weighs 3000 lbs. 
  7. Marie Forleo sits down with Todd Henry from the Accidental Creative to talk about how you find your creative voice. A great conversation with a lot of insights.