Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #40

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The best pizza is found in Philadelphia? One writer at Bon Appetit thinks so. Now I just need to convince Miles (my 2 year old) to hang out in a line for a couple of hours to try it out. 
  2. Nobuhiro Nakanishi didn't create the standard exhibition of landscape photos. He layers multiple acrylic prints into sweeping giant photo sculptures. 
  3. A great reminder that the children don't need toys but things that can use as toys. Play taps into imagination in ways that toys fail to do. 
  4. Billy Beane, the baseball GM played by Brad Pitt in Moneyball, talks about how to make better decisions. The biggest take away was how Beane always brings in people that normally wouldn't work in baseball. Find the ideas in other fields that are worth borrowing from to create an advantage. 
  5. One of the biggest photographers right now, Chase Jarvis, shares how his grandfather's camera changed his life. 
  6. David DuChemin continues to write pieces speaking directly to me. This week, he tackles how seeking approval is the death of creating art