Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #42

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The years of being boiled to death have not been kind to the brussel sprout. Thankfully, the recent trend of charring/roasting the humble sprout has enlightened people to how tasty they can be. Throw spicy anchovy butter on them and you have a real winner. 
  2. Erik Gordon restored a 71 Volkswagen Minibus to create the Carabiner Coffee mobile coffee shop. Inspiring story of a guy with an idea who built something beautiful. 
  3. The team at Creative Mornings is collecting short videos of people teaching a certain skill such as drawing a ladder, making a pinhole camera out of a paint can (my favorite, and cooking a crispy egg. I am looking forward to what this collection will become after a few years of collecting videos. 
  4. The photographer, Stuart Palley, heads into forest fires with fire fighters to capture the destructive beauty of those giant fires. 
  5. A perfectly timed reminder from Seth Godin that when we have done are best and its not enough, you have no choice but to do it again. 
  6. I love Austin Kleon's black out poems. He takes a newspaper article and blacks out a majority of the story leaving a short poem from the remaining words. A print of one of his poems is currently hanging in my bathroom. He traded in his marker for an X-acto blade and the results are great. 
  7. One of my favorite photographers, Josh Wool, had to quit being a chef after 12 years as a chef due to wrist surgery and pick up a camera as a hobby. Here is a great interview with him. 
  8. This week I was interview by the blog, The Phoblographer, about my recent Handheld series.