Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #41

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Upon returning home from vacation, I discovered that the zucchinis had reached the size of an NFL lineman's forearm. A big batch of zucchini bread might be my only hope of consuming the squash baseball bat. 
  2. Summer is in full swing here in Philadelphia. With the temperature hovering near 95, ice cream not only satisfies the desire for a sweet treat but also provides a temporary relief from the heat. This recipe for home made soft serve might be the perfect solution. 
  3. Toru Iwatani reveals the original concept designs for Pac-Man 
  4. Ferrofluids are highly magnetic particles completely suspended in a fluid. Zelf Koelman created a memorizing clock using this amazing properties.  
  5. Brandon Semenuk heads down a giant hill on a mountain bike all captured in one shot with a drone
  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Gregson in Fargo, ND this year. He is one of the world's leading cellist and creates stunningly beautiful music. His new EP is out. 
  7. Jake Weidmann became the youngest master penman and his drawings are magnificent. 
  8. Tatsuya Tanaka posts a whimsical miniature every day creating a beautiful calendar. The Amazon Shark is my favorite  of the collection. 
  9. "We often hide behind information and use learning as an excuse to delay the more difficult and more important choice of actually doing something. Spend less time passively learning and more time actively practicing. Stop thinking and start doing." James Clear hits on a big lesson that I am learning right now. How can I make the pursuit of art a deliberate practice? Can I approach becoming a better artist in a similar way an athlete improves their skill? These are the ideas that I am wrestling with right now.