Help me fund a school for a year in the poorest region of Uganda

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

Remember your first day of school. You're excited and nervous about who you are going to meet and what you are going learn. Now imagine trying to squeeze yourself into a classroom with 189 other kids and still learn. Lunch is only what you could bring and living in one of the poorest regions of Uganda means that its barely anything. School supplies are almost nonexistent. The promise and hope of education is being lost in such difficult circumstances.  But we can change that story. 

30 amazing individuals (including myself) partnered with Misfit Inc, and Lessons for Life Foundation to change the future for those kids in the Kisimbiri Primary school in Kampala, Uganda and to that end raise $15,000 ($500 each). The money will be build a brand new school to fight the overcrowding plus: 

  1. Teacher Training – Lessons for Life funds teachers to attend training courses and workshops that teach a more integrative, group learning instead of didactic learning. This new approach to teaching has changed the environment that the students learn in.

  2. Artist Installations – Working with local artists to help make bright, colourful teaching aids that are used in classrooms to make learning much more engaging in another piece of important work that is funded by Lessons for Life

  3. School Lunch Program – This specific program addresses a very real problem where children come to school hungry. The school lunch program pays for the school lunches of children whose families simply cannot afford the tiny sum for a prepared school meal (they also provide evening meals for children who will go to a home with no dinner). The truly impressive part is that this is not ad hoc, the team works with the head teachers of each school to assess the living conditions of every vulnerable and at-risk student. 

  4. Cooperative Savings Groups – Provide small business loans and training to mothers of children in the community. This allows them to set up their own businesses like selling chickens, or charcoal so that they are able to earn a steady income to pay school fees for their kids.

This holistic system of the Lessons for Life Foundation proved highly successful  in their pilot program. Now with your help, we can introduce it to a much larger community. The team at Misfit Foundation will be traveling to Uganda to equip and teach them how to digital share the work being done. Donors to this project will be able to see in real time the impact of their generosity. 

On top of truly impacting the lives of those children in Kampala, Uganda, I will send you an original Polaroid I created for this project, a handwriting note of gratitude, and maybe an extra little surprise from one of my talented friends. Help us make this a reality. If you can't join us financially, please join us in spirit and share the project.