Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #39

Start your week off right:

  1. A delicious avalanche of summer squash is hopefully hitting your dinner table right now. This herb summer squash bake is a tasty means of disposing of the bounty. 
  2. The artist/farmer, Sam Van Aken, grafted 40 different varieties of stone fruits onto one tree to fight the growing loss of diversity into our fruits and vegetables.
  3. Iceland is a photographer's paradise. Kate Bellm transformed the island's landscapes into another world using LomoChrome Purple and Turquoise films.  
  4. Ink - Written by Hand is a short documentary on a photographer, Tanja Tiziana, rediscovery of the hand written letters. The sound of the ink nib scratching across the page is so satisfying. I recently started using an ink pen and it seems to conjures the words out of me that sitting in front of the screen doesn't do. 
  5. Writer/artist, Austin Kleon, distilled what is required for success down to a 10 word blackout (where you take an article and blackout all the words you dont want to use) poem. 
  6. Traveler, there is no path
    paths are made by walking
    Antonio Machado
  7. The Altantic complied a list of the 100 pieces of fantastic journalism from 2014 on everything ranging from personal stories to business and culture. So if you are bored, pick one and dive in. 

  8. Seth Godin correctly observes that in an environment where everyone has access (per the internet and social media) that no one has immediate access. Attention is earned through credibility. This process is an element as to why the "overnight success" is a myth. The notion also ties into Victor Saad's post about "Act like it's going to take a while".