Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #32

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Every time I see images from Iceland, it only reinforces the desire to spend a month traveling around the beautiful island with my camera. This gorgeous set is simply the latest one to prompt those feelings.
  2. The soccer commentator's Nick Barnes and Arlo White shared their colorful cheat sheets which allow them to remember all the characters and plots being acted out on those green stages. 
  3. How to make stackable edible legos 
  4. The former International Shoe Company factory turned into a 600K square foot City Museum that looks amazing 
  5. The story of Conrad Milster, the Pratt Institute’s "long time chief eccentric (and engineer)".
  6. “If one becomes a lawyer, scholar, mechanist, typist, scientist, production assistant, or what-have-you, the world will commend your decision. Each day at lunch, on vacation, or at whatever party you attend, your choice will be applauded, upheld, and affirmed. And you will know what is expected of you. Even if your job is difficult — if you are a brain chemist, international death merchant, or rocket designer — your responsibilities will be obvious and your goals concrete. If you achieve them, you may be rewarded by promotion. If you fail, you might be fired or demoted, but nonetheless — unless your boss is insane — the job will have tangible parameters. [Art], however, is different. You will never know exactly what you must do, it will never be enough… no matter what change you achieve, you will most likely see no dividend from it. And even after you have achieved greatness, the [tiny number of people] who even noticed will ask, ‘What next?’”.... Ian Svenonius
  7. Pianist Bruce Brubaker talking about Philip Glass's idea that "art isn’t the sole property of the person who creates it but is, rather, completed by the people who take it in".
  8. Melodies of the Lemurs. A team of pro skateboarders travel to Madagascar. 
  9. Another destination on the wish list is any of the Scandinavian countries. This photo series on Western Norway is stunningly beautiful. 
  10. One of my favorite websites is Maria Popova's Brain Pickings. Each week, she shares the knowledge found in often forgotten books of old. She shares the 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living
  11. Holding yourself to the fire is the only way to change what you want to change
  12. Austin Kleon's advice On Writing Post-Fatherhood
  13. “Humanity doesn’t need more sharpness. That is not one of the things for which we hunger. We hunger for beauty, and meaning, for stories, and for love.” ... David DuChemin 
  14. I love Christoph Niemann's notion that efficiency and creating dont work together. The internet loves selling productivity and the tips and tricks to squeezing everything out of the day. Yet, the joy of creating disappeared as soon I focused on productivity leaving me frustrated with what I did not accomplish.

  15. Two of the greatest chefs in the world, Jiro Ono and René Redzepi, sit down for a cup of tea 
  16. Foster Huntington is building an amazing treehouse