The urge to describe the indescribable

This is the only way to describe my feelings right now after returning from MisfitCon 2015.  The week in Fargo, ND was mind blowing in ways I can fully comprehend right now. Awe might be a lofty descriptor but the only word to come close to describe what I experienced. I could fill pages with the stories of the people, the speakers and performers, and the events but that would be the equivalent of sharing the ingredients to a recipe but never come close to the ecstasy of tasting the final product.

So why even write this post? I struggled with the answer until I stumbled on the quote below. 

A dominant impulse on encountering beauty is to wish to hold on to it, to possess it and give weight in one’s life...There is an urge to say, ‘I was here, I saw this, and it mattered to me.
— Alain de Botton

The urge to share is greater than doubts of the usefulness of this post. All I want is to encourage you to find people/places/events that might inspire similar feelings. Search out the people dont amazingly powerful and beautiful things in the world and connect with them. Search out other disciplines and interests. I would never had the chance to discover Leoncarlo  or Peter Gregson if I attended a photography conference. Find the weirdo and dreamers who dare to think they can change the world and give them a hand. 

As I was reading the Great Discontent's third issue, Clayton Cubitt's words perfectly summed up the MisfitCon experience for me. 

I think there’s something beautiful about the idea that we can be like butterflies: we can be here for a time, cause beauty, be admired, experience great wonder and spectacle, be greater wonder and spectacle, and then we can be gone
— Clayton Cubitt

The temptation is try to hold onto those moments but than all we do is crush them. The present is beautiful because its fragile and temporary. Now my job is to transform that awe into action. To use the high felt there in Fargo as the fuel. I will leave you with a few other recaps from various attendees. 


What a weird event - Adam Brault