Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #34

Start your Monday off right:

  1. French magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux creates kinetic sculptures using hair dryers and various light objects. 
  2. This week's battle of the sandwiches pits David Chang's fried chicken sandwich versus the smushed lamb meatball burger . Regardless of your choice, I think we would all be winners with one of them in our hands.
  3. Continuing the trend of finding new uses for a waffle maker, mac and cheese waffles look absolutely delicious. Perfect addition to the weekend backyard bbq
  4. Feather bowling looks like a fun way to spend an evening. I am surprised breweries haven't jumped on the sport. Its like summer curling with hills. 
  5. An interesting look into the tech startup's love of Moleskine and analog note taking
  6. The designers of Super Mario Bros talk about using graph paper to map out the original game. 
  7. "Getting lost is both the plight and the joy of the artist… This getting lost cannot be faked. We cannot pretend to be lost. We cannot be quasi-lost. In order to possibly find that way out – in order to discover that thing previously unknown to us – we walk through the pitch-black darkness. We feel our hands against cave walls. We slip and fall. We bruise ourselves, blind to our own path."
    Dani Shapiro
  8. ALESSIO ALBI's stunning collection portraits 
  9. My current work is in large part due to David DuChemin's blog posts about the beauty of imperfections. His introduction to the work of Ernst Haas and his own iphone work provided an invitation to push the boundaries in my own work. He is a mentor of mine even though we have never met or talked before.