Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #31

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Purple sweet potatoes created one of the prettiest loaf of bread I have seen. 
  2. One of the prettiest houses I have seen. I would love to own this beauty. Being in Amsterdam is just the cherry on top. 
  3. Anthony Bourdain has brought the world into our living rooms and delivers 23 brilliant short life lessons 
  4. The Japanese idea of Wabi-Sabi  and my current impressionist pinhole work form a  perfect match. Clean and sterile perfection produced by modern cameras doesnt interest me. I see such beauty in the imperfection. It makes the work feel real to me. 
  5. Matthias Heiderich combines a gorgeous pastel color palette with minimalism architectural photography. 
  6. “Grit…is what allows creative geniuses to keep pressing on through failures and bad ideas in order to uncover truly valuable concepts….This is especially true for creativity, which regularly entails the act of encountering false positives or discouraging results. For example: Thomas Edison and his team of inventors tested some thousand or more variations of filament for their lightbulb before ending up with the unique carbon version.”   Tanner Christensen 
  7. The days are long but the decades are short  

There will be no Print Scamper for the next couple of weeks. On Saturday, I am heading up to North Dakota to see my Uncle in the tiny town of Bowman, ND. I am bringing the giant tent camera and hope to create the first batch of 16x20 negatives. The end of the trip will be attending the Misfit Conference in Fargo. Once I return from the trip, I be prepping for my first art fair, the Ambler Art and Music Fest. My goal is once I get through this chatic couple of weeks, I can reopen the Print Scamper. With that said, I will leave last week's print up until Friday so get it while you still have the chance.