Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #25

Start your Monday off right:

  1. In West Philly, there is a tool library where you can check out over 4,200 tools. I hope this idea takes off and becomes available to others all over the country. 
  2. So simple yet so delicious. Spicy gochujang (Korean chili paste) Pigs in a Blanket should be enjoyed more often than the holidays and other miscellaneous parties 
  3. The animated short "the Ballad of Holland Island House" feels like it was created by one of the impressionist masters using clay on glass. 
  4. The photographer, Cameron Bloom, and his family rescued a baby magpie who they found orphaned on a walk near their home. After a year, Penguin the magpie is just another member of the family.  The story is only topped by the brilliant images captured of life with the magpie. 
  5. Hanging off a helicopter, Antoine Rose captures the interesting patterns found on the beach when you look down. I love the bright colors on the stark white beaches. 
  6. Five Techniques to Improve Your Luck
  7. The curiosity to pursue ideas without any promise of a reward seems to be the starting point to produce interest work. The end is almost an after thought. Dominic Wilcox and the "Reinvention of Normal" perfectly illustrates the idea.  But this notion runs contrary to how we are taught to operate. ROI is always a mystery until it happens. 
  8. We all tell ourselves story on how much we can handle. But the truth is that you can handle more. What could you accomplish if you just pushed harder for longer? I was a serial starter but often failed to finish my promised goal. I even started a 100 day photo challenge with my digital camera and failed to finish that. Yet, I just managed to complete the far more difficult challenge with my 4x5 camera because I pushed myself.