The end might be more difficult than the middle

I knew the #sheetburner project was going to be the most challenging experience in my artistic career up to that point and it lived up to that expectation. What I failed to consider was the odd directionless feeling that has set in now that the project is complete.  What I am realized was the daily habit of having to produce an image each day provided an elegant structure to the day that the "artist life" rarely possesses. Each morning as the water magically transformed into coffee, I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish in order to maintain the streak. I planned each week out based on the number of stock piled images and days off. A few days even required shooting, developing, and scanning in a few frames before working a 8 hour shift at Trader Joes. The project required such a level of planning and execution that I am struggling this week to find my footing without it. The odd thing is that the sense of aimlessness is not a result of a lack of ideas or even future projects. During the last month of the #sheetburner project, I slowly constructed a project plan for the upcoming summer. I even went as far as I picking up a few pieces of equipment to speed the transition into the project. However, I am realizing as I write this that I need to rebuild that structure back into my day.  What this will look is to be determined but it is obliviously necessary.