Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #27

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. The level of craftsmanship and obsession found in Japan is breathtaking.  "The Birth of Sake" trailer for an upcoming documentary highlight all those points. I am definitely spending an evening to watch this when it comes out. 
  2. Photographer took an infrared camera to the Masters bringing a completely different view of the classic golf tournament. 
  3. James Kelly is insane and thanks to GoPros, we can enjoy the crazy ride down the mountains on a long board. 
  4. Victoria Will returned to Sundance with a large format camera and wet plates. The results were even better than the collection that exploded on the internet last year. 
  5. The most thought provoking article I read this week was "Sebastian Junger Knows Why Young Men Go to War". Sebastian has spent years as a war journalist talking to soldiers.  I feel this is an interesting and probably uncomfortable take on war. 
  6. "To be an artist means: not to calculate and count; to grow and ripen like a tree which does not hurry the flow of its sap and stands at ease in the spring gales without fearing that no summer may follow. It will come. But it comes only to those who are patient, who are simply there in their vast, quiet tranquility, as if eternity lay before them." - Rilke
  7. Notes on Making Art.  Short list which would take a years to master. 

  8. The Middle of Things: Advice for Young Writers. Everyone loves to start things. The excitement of something new. Few people warn you about the middle. Its brutal. The excitement is long gone and all you have is the job of reaching the end.